Rhea provides workforce management services to help your company promote a safe and healthy work environment, manage performance and control compliance costs. As many of the largest companies in  Oklahoma have learned, Rhea is a committed partner offering an unmatched level of service.

 Physical Exams and Physical Abilities Testing

Physical Exams and Physical Abilities Testing are offered to assist with placement decisions, and reduce work related injuries and comply with regulatory requirements. Rhea can screen and on-board your new hires quickly with instant screen results and all on-boarding completed in one visit. A comprehensive, integrated worker on-boarding process means well qualified workers are on the job quickly and are better prepared to make a contribution.

Rhea Occupational Health and Safety Services

  • DOT and non-DOT physical exams, pre-employment, certification and  return to duty.
  • Physical Abilities Testing (PAT) provides an assessment of a job applicant’s ability to perform physical tasks required for a job. Rhea provides a complete PAT solution from test development to administration.  
At Our Facility
Simply come to our office anytime during our facility hours. Bring your referral form or email if you have one. You can call to schedule an appointment if you like but it's not required. 
On-site and After Hours
Call us anytime to request quick response post-accident or reasonable suspicion testing. We can also schedule any services, including physical exams, at your site.

Audiometric Testing and Respiratory Protection

Rhea services help companies administer hearing and respiratory protection programs while reducing compliance costs. Training services can address both OSHA requirements and job specific skills. Screening and surveillance services are designed to meet OSHA requirements in certain hazardous environments.

  • Individualized Audiometric Testing and instruction .
  • Complete Respiratory Protection services including medical clearance, pulmonary function testing, customized training, qualitative respiratoir fit testing and quantitative respirator fit testing, both PortaCount and CNP. 

 Drug and Alcohol Screen and Confirmation

Program Administration

Rhea offers program administration services to assist with management of your health and safety program while maintaining compliance with DOT and OSHA requirements. 

  • Third Party Administrator and Consortium for DOT and OSHA program administration services. Reports are generated on an incident, monthly, quarterly and annual basis as required for DOT and OSHA compliance and a quarterly report of all program administration activity is provided.
  • Incident Response.  On-site, 24 hour services are provided for post-accident or reasonable suspicion. Drug and alcohol testing can be performed at an accident site, at your company or at the Rhea facility. One phone call at any time takes care of you incident response needs.
  • Scheduling.  Rhea handles worker scheduling for periodic services as required for compliance, including physical exams, drug and alcohol tests and surveillance exams.
  • Audit Support.  Reporting and consultation assistance will be available in the event of a DOT or OSHA audit.
  • Reporting and compliance database.
  • Worker and supervisor training and educational materials help workers protect their health and help supervisors understand Federal and State regulatory requirements.  
  • Quick screening results. Screening results in minutes and next day DOT results in most cases.
  • Partner with all major labs and TPAs. We partner with all major nationwide and local TPAs and networks and are the preferred partner for many. We participate in all major online referral systems.
  • 24 hour quick response for post-accident and reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing. We can come to your facility or go to an accident site with our mobile clinic.
  • A pleasant worker experience. Quick in and out and helpful and caring staff are the reasons workers prefer Rhea.
  • Testing options tailored to your needs. DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol tests including pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return to duty and follow-up. Hair drug tests and instant drug tests are also available. We accept referral from all TPAs and online referrals, or we can use our lab if you don't have a referral. 

Rhea provides testing options tailored to your needs including DOT and non-DOT compliant drug and alcohol tests, pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return to duty and follow-up, instant tests and hair tests.

Program Administration

Rhea offers program administration services to assist with management of your health and safety program while maintaining compliance with DOT and OSHA requirements.