Respect for our customer’s time and a caring and experienced team are among the reasons workers prefer Rhea. 
> 24 / 7 quick response
> Anywhere services - our facility, your site and remote locations.
> Our mobile clinic can deliver all of our services at your location or work sites. 
> Easy to try. Simply send your worker with a referral form or give us a call.
> Worker satisfaction. Quick in-and-out, a genuine concern for the welfare of your workers and a caring staff are the reasons workers prefer Rhea.
> Convenient location  one-half mile south of I40 on Council Rd.
> Partner with all major TPAs and administrators, OKC preferred partner of many.
> Nationwide coverage with an extensive partner network.
> Big rig driver transportation  from local travel centers or access to our parking lot.


One visit to our facility, or us to your location, can complete all pre-employ or annual tests with immdiate results delivered to you. You get quick results and worker downtime is reduced. 
 > All inclusive pricing that is usually a fraction of other options.
> Reduced downtime with a quick worker turnaround and on-site services. 

Rhea provides workforce management services to help your company promote a safe and healthy work environment, manage performance and control compliance costs. As many of the largest companies in  Oklahoma have learned, Rhea is a committed partner offering an unmatched level of service.

A Committed Partner


 A commitment to innovation results in a service offering and delivery approach that maximizes customer value.
Consider these examples:
> Online scheduling and results provides access to instant results and performance reporting.
> New hire immediate results reporting for quick on-boarding.
> On-site and mobile clinics to reduce worker downtime and control costs.
> Rhea Connect delivers expert services anywhere.
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