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Safety and OSHA

Rhea services help companies maintain compliance with OSHA and DOT requirements while improving safety and worker performance. Training services can address both OSHA requirements and job specific skills. Screening and surveillance services are designed to meet OSHA requirements in certain hazardous environments. Drug and alcohol free workplace provide an opportunity to improve worker productivity while remaining compliant with state and federal requirements.
Rhea Health’s full-service OSHA monitoring services include:
  • Testing at your office or our conveniently located facility
  • Flexible scheduling for multiple shifts  
  • Mobile testing unit for on-site and remote location testing
  • Experienced and certified staff providing individual worker attention

 OSHA Monitoring
 Audiometric Testing
 Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
 Respirator Medical Clearance
 Respirator Fit Test
Rhea OSHA monitoring services provides you with a turn-key solution:
  • Individualized Testing and Consultation. Employees are individually tested with private consultation. Test results are explained to each worker.
  • Personal Protection Instruction including hearing protection fitting, worker instruction, supervisor training, consultation and referral.
  • Pulmonary function testing (PFT) for pre-placement, periodic and termination testing.  
  • Respirator fit testingrespirator instruction and fitting.
  • Clinics tailored to your needs.Services can be provided at your office or using our mobile clinic. We can visit multiple locations anywhere in the US and even travel to remote location with our mobile clinic.  
  • Program Administration. Your company data is available online with historical and baseline results.
  • All-inclusive unit price. No other fees or costs. We provide all materials, supplies and reporting.
  • Worker and supervisor training and educational materials help workers protect their health and supervisors understand Federal and state regulatory requirements.
Schedule OSHA Test
Schedule audiometric test, pulmonary function test, respirator fit test or respirator clearance.
Schedule On-site OSHA Annuals
All services are available at your location or remote locations, your facility or our mobile clinic.

 OSHA Training and Certification
Training options include group oriented programs with lectures, exercises and demonstrations or self-paced, self-instructional programs. Workers will be certified when they demonstrate they have acquired the desired skills and knowledge. See Training for a more complete description of training options and services.
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Schedule OSHA Training & Certification
Classroom and online training at your company, the Rhea Training Center or our mobile facility.
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 Program Administration
OSHA compliance and safety program administration services assist with management of your safety program while maintaining compliance with OSHA requirements. OSHA Program Administration services include:
  • OSHA test scheduling with reminders and notifications sent to supervisors and workers. 
  • Incident Response. On-site, 24 hour services are provided for post-accident or suspicious behavior response. Drug and alcohol testing can be performed at an accident site, at your company or at the Rhea facility. One phone call at any time takes care of you incident response needs.
  • Scheduling. Rhea handles worker scheduling for periodic services as   required for compliance, including physical exams, drug and alcohol tests and surveillance exams.
  • Audit Support. Reporting and consultation assistance will be available in the event of a DOT or OSHA audit.
  • Online access to workers compliance status - required and scheduled services, test results and compliance status of your organizaiton and each worker.  
  • OSHA reports, OSHA quarterly reports and OSHA annual reports are generated including incidents and all program activity.
  • Worker and supervisor training and educational materials help workers protect their health and help supervisors understand Federal and State regulatory requirements.
  • All-inclusive unit price. No other fees or costs. We provide all materials, supplies and reporting.

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