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Drug Free Workplace

A drug and alcohol free workplace is important for maintaining the safety and health of your workers while improving productivity and reducing costs. Whether your needs are for testing only or setup and administration of a comprehensive program, Rhea Health can provide a solution to meet your needs.
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 Drug and Alcohol Screen and Confirmation
Rhea provides testing options tailored to your needs   including DOT and non-DOT compliant drug and alcohol tests, pre-employment, random, suspicious   behavior, post-accident, return to duty and follow-up, UA, hair and quick tests.  
  • Quick screening results. Screening results in minutes and next day DOT results in most cases.
  • Partner with all major labs and TPAs. We partner with all major nationwide and local TPAs and networks and are the preferred partner for many.
  • 24 hour quick response for post-accident and suspicious behavior drug and alcohol testing. We can come to your facility or go to an accident site with our mobile clinic.
  • A pleasant worker experience. Quick in and out and helpful and caring staff are the reasons workers prefer Rhea.
  • Testing options tailored to your needs. DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol tests including pre-employment, random drug test, suspicious behavior drug test, post-accident drug test, return to duty drug test and follow-up. Hair drug tests and instant drug tests are also available.
Why is a drug free workplace important?
Drug and alcohol abuse are impacting your workplace. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, abusing employees are:
  • 2.2 times more likely to request early dismissal or time off,
  • 2.5 times more likely to have absences of eight days or more,
  • 3 times more likely to be late for work,
  • 3.6 times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident,
  • 5 times more likely to be injured in an accident off the job, which affected attendance or job performance,
  • 5 times more likely to file a workers' compensation claim.
Schedule Drug or Alcohol Test
You are not required to make an appointment for a drug or alcohol test however an appointment may expedite your visit.
Schedule On-site or After Hours Test
Schedule On-site or After Hours Test
Request quick response post-accident or reasonable suspicion testing. All Rhea services can be delivered on-site, at remote locations or after hours. 

 Program Adminstration, TPA and Consortium
Sign Up
If you currently have a TPA or network arrangement it’s likely we already partner with them. Simply send your workers to our site for quick and convenient service. Alternatively, Rhea can administer your program to provide a complete solution while complying with DOT and state regulations.
  • Random selection, scheduling and follow-up. Email and SMS notifications.
  • Policy & Procedures review and development assistance.
  • Referral for counseling and treatment.
  • Information management and reporting including DOT Reporting.
  • Supervisor training including reasonable suspicion.
  • Worker durg abuse awareness training and motivation.
  • DOT TPA and DOT consortium.
  • All forms (COCs) and supplies at no additional cost.
Enroll in Rhea TPA or Consortium
Enroll in Rhea DOT compliant TPA or consortium. 
Setup a Workplace Drug Program
Setup a Workplace Drug Program
Rhea can help your company setup and administer a workplace drug and alcohol program compliant with state and regulatory requirements.  
Schedule Drug and Alcohol Abuse Training
Schedule employee drug awareness training or instruction. Schedule DOT or non-DOT supervisor training including Reasonable Suspicion. Classroom and online training options.
Innovation Example: New Drug Test Options 

The Problem: Most drug tests result in a negative finding. Nonetheless, until recently, the only option was to ship all samples to a laboratory for analysis, increasing costs and delaying results. On the other hand, recently developed “quick tests” can deliver unreliable results, have spawned numerous “cheat” techniques and may be administered outside regulatory requirements.

The Solution: A Rhea administered program utilizes the latest technologies delivered by qualified technicians expert at thwarting cheats. Rhea provides clients with help staying compliant even with a changing regulatory environment. Our clients take advantage of cost savings and the convenience of new technologies without increasing compliance risk.

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